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Magic Miracle Polish for your songs. Professional Mastering for any budget. Make your tracks sparkle!

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Mastering 4Life ($2999)

Price: $2999

What you get:

  • Your choice of any of our Mastering Packages (A, B, C or D) for any of your projects - for life. 
  • Pay once and never again for mastering!
  • Mastering on YOUR terms. You can send us singles, EPs, or full-length CDs anytime you like (normal turnaround times apply).
  • Your choice of either one (1) CD Master sent to you, or Downloadable Mastered WAV files upon completion of each mastering session.
  • Free Standard Shipping of your CD Master (if you ever choose that option) - also for life.
  • FOR A LIMITED TIME: Receive FREE CD TEXT Coding for life to!


    What you DON'T get:

    • Free Mastering for all of your friends. Sorry, we have to draw a line in the sand. This service is for ONE ARTIST OR BAND ONLY. Each time you submit a project to us, you'll need to reference your original invoice number, and the artist that we will be mastering will need to be either you or your band. If you have any questions about limitations with this service, please contact us.
    • Any other Mastering Extras (below) with the exception of Downloadable Mastered WAVs and CD Text (for a limited time).
    • Mixing of any kind. This deal is for mastering only.

    Now, is that simple or what?! Let's get to work mastering your stuff...



        Buy Mastering 4Life:

        Mastering Extras

        These extras are easy to add to your mastering order and give you some really great additional options.

        • Backup CD Master ($15) - You'll get one disc with your mastering order already, but it's a good idea to have a backup CD Master - especially if you're sending the CD we send you out somewhere for manufacturing. A Track Sheet is included for every Backup CD Master we make.
        • Download Individual WAV files for each song after mastering ($25 flat rate) - Want us to just master your songs and deliver final WAV files to you so you can create "masters" as you need to? This is the way to do it. Download the finished WAV files right from your FTP account. You'll still get an actual physical disc from us as well after we finish mastering your project, but you'll have your WAVs without the wait. Price is a flat rate for ONE CD - doesn't matter how many WAV files we'll be making for you (up to 80-minutes worth). So, you ask - "Why is this an extra charge?" Because, WAV files are not automatically generated upon completion of mastering your CD. We have to go back and create those individually and that takes extra time, hence the extra charge.
        • DVD-ROM Stuffed With Goodies! ($25) - A DVD-ROM (or CD-ROM - depending on file sizes) with everything you need. Individual files for each song in various formats so you can do-with-them-what-you-want and not have to hassle with making them yourself. Burn discs, put 'em up on your website and offer high and low quality streams, put them on your MP3 player, etc. Formats include: WAV (CD Quality), MP3 (high and low quality), WMA (high and low quality), REAL AUDIO (high and low quality). Artist name and song titles appear in each file as ID3 tag information.
        • CD TEXT coding for your CD ($10) - For a flat rate of $10 for the entire CD, we'll add CD TEXT to your Audio CD so (in compatible players) your song titles, disc title and artist name shows up on the CD player's display. [Note: CD TEXT is not the same as ID3 tag information encoded into MP3 files or simple file names that programs such as Windows Media Player reads.] CD TEXT will only display on players with the CD TEXT logo. We can also submit your CD's information to the Gracenote/CDDB database so your disc information will show up when playing your CD in iTunes, Winamp, etc. This is included in the cost of adding CD Text to your CD ($10), but only done by request from you. We are a Gracenote Content Partner.
        • I Need NEXT DAY MASTERING for my CD! ($50 extra) - (Contact Us to make sure this service is available for your project)
        • I Need SAME DAY MASTERING for my CD! ($100 extra) - (Contact Us to make sure this service is available for your project)



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        Customer Comments

        • Hey Doug, we have received all the 6 boxes of albums (Replicated CDs). They look wonderful and sound amazing. I want to personally thank you for all of your time and effort on this album process from start to finish (Mixing & Mastering both). We are so thankful that we found such a great production company such as yours as well as hooking us up with your plant to get the CDs made in such a timely fashion. We look forward to doing our next album with you and having another great success like this one. Thank you so much.

          -Pat M./Scott M., Cicero, NY

        • GREAT, AWESOME!! Have I told you lately that you are an AMAZING Webmaster!! ( I truly love working with you because you treat me like a STAR even though I am just an Indie!!!

          -Nedia K., Huntsville, AL

        • I LOVE THE SITE ( ...I just adore it. It's perfect and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

          -Whitney W., Abilene, TX

        • Love it. Absolutely. And I will recommend you to every music friend I have. You've been great and I really love the product - so warm and sounds like I did it in a million dollar studio rather than the living room of our rented house! Thank you again!

          -Emma W., Orlando, FL

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