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Nashville-based Diamondisc Audio / Diamondigital Media is a full-service multimedia company specializing in Audio and CD Mastering services as well as Stereo Mixing, CD/DVD Duplication and Replication, Video Editing, DVD & Blu-ray Authoring, Graphic Design, Website Design, Music Supervision, Composing, Publishing and more. We are dedicated to providing top-quality creative services, excellent customer care, and affordable prices to independent artists, music companies, and other small businesses.

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Let us help you put those finishing touches on your final mixes in the all-important Mastering stage. Don't you want your project to be equivalent to major label releases when it comes to Volume Level, EQ, Compression, etc.? That's where we come in!
CDCall or email us if you have specific questions about the mastering process and your particular project - or if you just want to get to know us better before spending any of your hard-earned cash! We really enjoy communicating with you - indie bands/musicians/artists - you are what make us who we are and we will never forget that!
Our CD Masters have been used to create literally millions of CDs worldwide ...and we guarantee our work! Over the last 19+ years we have mastered thousands and thousands of projects and have the experience it takes to give you exactly what you're looking for - even if you're not sure what that is!

MUSIC LICENSING OPPORTUNITY! If you do ANY type of project with us (mastering, mixing, duplication/replication, website design, DVD authoring, etc.), YOUR MUSIC can also be considered for other projects we are working on! We handle Music Supervision (creative, production, licensing & negotiation) for all types of media including indie films, television, games, web and more - and your music could be a part of that! No promises of course, but your songs are automatically considered if you send us a project of any type. How awesome is that?!

The SongHunters

In addition, we highly recommend you go to and submit a song or two for review by top New York-based Music Supervisors that we work with on a daily basis.

Not only will they hear & rate YOUR MUSIC, but you could also be added to The SongHunters email list to receive the inside scoop on what they're looking for during "song hunts."



About Us

Engineer/Producer/Music Supervisor Doug Diamond has been writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering music for most of his life. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Doug DiamondA former staff engineer at world-famous Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles, he graduated with honors from the recording program at The Grove School of Music (1990) and completed his Music Business Master Certification from the Berklee College of Music between 2010-2012.

In his Ocean Way days, Doug worked with many top recording artists such as Natalie Cole, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, The B-52's, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson and many others, as well as with some of the top record producers in the world such as T-Bone Burnett, Don Was and film composer Hans Zimmer. Doug was also involved in a number of Hollywood films such as The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, The Power Of One, several Disney films, and Levi's Jeans TV commercials.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on thousands of independent artist's projects from all walks of life, from all over the world, in most musical genres, as well as projects for major labels, major publishing companies, indie music companies, TV production companies and many others. Clients include: Rivers Rutherford, Kelley Lovelace, Phil Wickham, Julie True, Carman, Kellie Pickler, John Elefante/Kansas, Jars of Clay, Little Big Town, Kim Hill, Deepak Chopra/The Chopra Center, Lynn Anderson, Liz Anderson, Gary Morris, Eric Silver, Randy Archer, Craig Morgan, Candy Coburn, Juice Newton, Buzz Cason, Billy Swan, Jim Weatherly, Templeton Thompson, Carol Channing and many more.

As a composer, Doug has written and produced the theme and background music for two nationally broadcast PBS television series: Hands On - Crafts For Kids and Scrapbook Soup and has numerous songs with various music libraries and publishing companies. He has also composed music for a number of kids video game apps.

The Recording AcademyDoug is part of The SongHunters ( music supervision team, as a Music Supervisor and the Project Manager - together with music supervisors/authors Dave Hnatiuk & David Weiss. They provide music supervision services for films, television, advertising, corporate videos, web, and video games. Doug is also the Director of Music Acquisition/Licensing at

Doug is a voting member of The Recording Academy and the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) as well as a BMI writer.

Follow Doug on Twitter (@diamondisc).

Read Doug's "His Name Was Ringo" (story about meeeting Ringo Starr) in Electronic Musician magazine. 

Berklee College of Music Certification


  • We have Avid Pro Tools... Do we Master in Pro Tools? Heck no, but we do have it now for those client projects that need our help (mixing, editing, exporting, etc.).
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  • We are a Gracenote Content Partner. Get your CD Master encoded with CD TEXT for just $10 extra and we'll add you to the Gracenote/CDDB database so your CD's information will show up when playing your CD in iTunes, Winamp, etc.
  • Songwriters! You MUST get this awesome Songwriting Software called MasterWriter. Buy from us and save $20!
  • We built and maintain our own website, but check out some of the other websites we've created. Let us build your website - or maintain your current one. Flexible pricing...

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Chris Keaton Interviews Doug Diamond: The $30 Secret to Better Demos

Chris Keaton Interviews Doug Diamond About The SongHunters

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Customer Comments

  • Doug, hey man... you are the hero of the hour! Sounds great! Thanks!

    -John S., Nashville, TN

  • Hi Doug! I received the file and downloaded it, and I must say you did a really GREAT job!!! I am very much looking forward to completing my demo CD and having it mastered by you as well. I will definitely be contacting you when that time comes, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the way the track turned out! Thanks again for your hard work and time. Look forward to working with you again in a few weeks. Thanks!

    -Joel S., Glen Burnie, MD

  • Could not be happier Doug! This is an exciting day for me! Listening through and it all sounds super great!!! I am so pleased & stoked, thank you SO VERY much for such quick excellent work!!

    -Tonia S., Nashville, TN

  • Hi Doug, Thank you for your amazing and fast work on my songs!! I listened to them several times on different audio systems and I'm more than happy. You made them bright sparkling diamonds! Thanks again!!

    -Sonja P., Austria

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